Drawing master class for children 5 6

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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. My daughter has been taking classes at Acton Art for three years. Her knowledge and skills have increased tremendously over that time. The teachers at Acton Art are outstanding. The program has an excellent balance between skill development and individual creativity. Beginners Drawing — ages 5 to 6.

Basic A Drawing — ages 6. Basic B Drawing — ages 7. Basic Drawing for Home School — ages 6. Students work on their own artwork independently and follow the “process” as presented by the instructor. We try very hard to create projects that are interesting to children. Frequently we present background information on the subject matter to give students more information with the goal of engaging them even more.

Students who are curious or engaged by a subject are much more likely to stay focused and pay close attention to the instructor. Every project is created with a specific learning objective which varies according to the class level and student ages. Some projects may be identical regarding the subject matter but the learning objectives may be different depending upon age level. The learning objectives are age-appropriate and provide enough flexibility that students who fall above or below the average skill-set can still learn and benefit. We use very high quality supplies that are capable of producing excellent quality results. Students are expected to have respect for the materials and supplies since they are shared by many classes. We consider the artwork completed in class to be exercises that lead students through specific learning objectives.

Many students will create stunning artwork which is clearly worthy of being seen as “fine art” but we do not recommend that students represent it as original artwork outside of the studio. All artwork produced in classes belongs to the student and they make take it home at any time. Our standards are high and we constantly measure our performance. To create and maintain this environment we must require appropriate behavior from our students.

Students will always be given reasonable opportunities to modify unacceptable behavior and remain in a class. THE CLASSES LISTED BELOW represent an age-appropriate progression for students ranging in age from 5 to adult. Some classes can accommodate a range of ages. The curriculum for each class is designed to introduce and reinforce learning objectives that are important for developing a unified understanding of realistic representational drawing. TEENAGE STUDENTS who wish to join a class for the first time should consider Drawing for Teens. This class closely parallels the curriculum of the Intermediate A1 class but all students are teen age.

It is an ideal starting class level for every new teenage student. First time Beginner students should NOT join classes in the Spring trimester. Children who are slightly older frequently manage this class best. Children at this age require time and practice to retain what they learn in class.

Moving Beginner students to a higher level too quickly is likely to create anxiety and frustration. NOTE: Students MUST have a birthdate BEFORE Sept. 1st, 2012 to join a Beginner class at this time. THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES for Beginners include developing various drawing skills, learning how to properly use materials, and follow general studio procedures.

By teaching young children how to use and control materials properly and safely they develop habits that are carried forward. Projects at this level are designed to demonstrate to children how to organize the process of drawing and improve their results. We emphasize planning, sequencing, problem solving, and staying on task. BEGINNERS CLASSES ARE SIZE LIMITED to eight students.