Drawing of children on the trail of the perceived works

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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save drawing of children on the trail of the perceived works you find. Please forward this error screen to 72. American pioneer who traveled the Oregon Trail by ox-drawn wagon as a young man, migrating from Iowa to the Pacific Coast.

Meeker was born in Butler County, Ohio, to Jacob and Phoebe Meeker. His family relocated to Indiana when he was a boy. Meeker became convinced that the Oregon Trail was being forgotten, and he determined to bring it publicity so it could be marked and monuments erected. 1908, although in his late 70s, he retraced his steps along the Oregon Trail by wagon, seeking to build monuments in communities along the way. His trek reached New York, and in Washington, D. Jacob was a miller and farmer. Phoebe, seeing that her son’s mind was not well adapted to formal learning, allowed him to earn money through odd jobs.

Ezra Meeker married his childhood sweetheart, Eliza Jane Sumner, in May 1851. The Sumners lived about four miles from Indianapolis, and like the Meekers were family farmers who did not hire help. When he asked her for her hand, he told her he wanted to farm, which she accepted as long as it was on their own property. With their wagon, they had two yokes of oxen, one of cows and an extra cow. They were accompanied by William Buck, who would remain with them much of the way before separating from them to go to California. A number of Oliver Meeker’s friends from Indianapolis joined the group before the party left Iowa.