Early years magazines

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Ladies worthy of a double take. Early years magazines fits both the visual and written content of the site well.

Many of the women featured on it are certainly beautiful, partly because many are current or former actresses or models. But they are also worth a double take because they tend to be intriguing people, as you find out of you read the interviews, profiles and articles on Idol Features. Some of the ladies are indie TV, movie or online media producers. Others are Cosplay stars, musicians, and artists.

I was also impressed by the writers for the site and the quality of their interviews and articles. For example, Chris Charles is himself a veteran writer for various media outlets. He has done interviews with scores of women from the entertainment industry that are posted on the site. One of his latest is an interview with the three lead actresses in the gonzo science fiction comedy SPACE BABES FROM OUTER SPACE, Alyss Winkler, Ellie Church and Allison Maier. Chris has also written many cool articles for the site, such as his series featuring 20 actresses who were victims in movies in the FRIDAY THE 13th series. Although I didn’t know about her until I read that interview, I did know something about Arfon.

Wales whose work has appeared in many books, comics, magazines, and elsewhere. Loren is a leading authority on cryptozoology lore, the author of many of the best books about legendary cryptid creatures, and Founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. He was greatly helpful to us when we were creating our book collecting men’s adventure magazine stories and artwork about Bigfoot, Sasquatch and other legendary monsters, the CRYPTOZOOLOGY ANTHOLOGY. My fellow Loren Coleman fan Arfon drew a terrific portrait of Loren that I’d seen many times, since it served as Loren’s profile pic on Twitter and Facebook for quite a while.