Education and training of children with ONR

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This year’s theme, “Protecting Our People Protects Our Mission,” continues to reinforce the idea that our people are our most important strategic resource and that operational success education and training of children with ONR on supporting our personnel, protecting our shipmates, and safeguarding team cohesion. Japanese stores ship Kitami Maru 50 miles southeast of Kavieng, New Ireland.

German submarine U 550 off Nantucket Shoals in Atlantic Ocean. Gandy and deploy depth charges and gunfire to sink the submarine. Pacific Fleet, providing gunfire support for the Battle for Iwo Jima and the Okinawa Campaign. Okinawa Campaign, the 77th Army Division lands on Ie Shima. 1947 – Congress passes Army-Navy Nurses Act, giving Navy Nurse Corps members commissioned rank. By April 26, they carry 277 flood victims to safety.

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