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You education preschool teacher ask a preschool teacher or our visitors your preschool related question. The Preschool Teachers are on a temporary break.

We are not excepting questions at this time! I have found it hard to get this page updated lately with my other work load. Please feel free to look through our old questions. I am looking into a new way to run this site, that will be quicker and easier, yet help me get the same quality of answers and information to you all. So please check back soon for improvements. A Few Words From Preschool Education . Finger Puppet Glove CD-Roms at Great Price,  Great Activities!

Find just what you are looking for. You have one of the world’s most important jobs. Your positive, caring attitude is catching. As caregivers, your job is to encourage children to think about how people are alike and different, to ask all kinds of questions, and to find answers they can understand. Your words and attitude tell children that differences are wonderful. Cut them into sections and then the children can glue 2 or 3 sections together to make a snowmen.

Turn my face to beauty and my heart to loving Right. Be patient with my clumsiness for little children’s sake. I’m almost eloquent at times, encouraged by your face. Fills all my soul with confidence and there’s nothing I won’t try. Be generous, be prodigal, for loving me will pay. I need your learning to be sure, but I need your loving more. Today I did my math and science.

I added and subtracted on the way. I used magnets, blocks and memory tray. I learned about a rainbow and how to weigh. To put my words into a phrase, to find my name and write it down. WHAT NOTHING IN YOUR BAG TODAY? I learned about a snail and a worm. Remembered how to take my turn.

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