Hundreds of resources to help learn and teach English grammar in a fun way. Nouns name people, animals, english for beginners for kids online, things, and ideas.

In English, there are many types of nouns. We can’t say much without using verbs. They tell us what people, animals and things do, or what they are. This section contains online lessons, exercises and tests plus printable worksheets that can help children develop their grammar skills. Each category is divided into relevant units. Our grammar section is a large area to explore, filled with hundreds of learning and teaching resources.

Finding specific materials can sometimes be difficult. To start using our grammar section, you might find it helpful to use the section guides. Lesson by lesson, game by game, this section presents and explains basic grammar rules in a fun way! Please forward this error screen to 63. Learn to Read: Online Phonics Video Lessons, Phonics Games Online at- Kizphonics. These free courses are divided into course levels. The levels reflect the developmental stage of most Young Learners and ESL Beginners.

These courses are taught through online videos, and self-grading quizzes. Follow the links below to get to the video lesson – click on the player to begin. Aim: To teach kids how to say their names. Aim: Teach kids how to say their age and  learn numbers 1 to 5. Aim: Teach kids how to count from 1 to 10.

Aim: Teach kids how to describe things through colours. Aim: Teach kids names of fruits and how to express likes. Aim: Teach kids parts of the body. Aim: Teach kids how to express ability using simple action verbs. Aim: Teach students how to express preference by using vocabulary related to farm animals.

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