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Eurokidsindia.com pre school preschool for your toddler is a necessity today rather than a luxury. It will give your toddler an opportunity to grow and learn, while promoting social and emotional development. Selecting the right pre-school can be a daunting task and takes a lot of study and research. Though there are many preschools to choose from, a few top the list.

Do note that these preschools are mentioned in random order and aren’t indicative of preference or popularity. It is recommended that you do visit the schools personally for more information. Learning programs based on dance and arts, sports and outdoor activities. Field trips and discover centers are provided. Along with value education, children also learn language, math and gross and fine motor skills. Being able to build cognitive power learning to make new friends. Nurturing creative, social, emotional, cognitive and aesthetic senses.

Students have fun while learning art and discovering basic shapes, learning different colors, learning how to move to the rhythm etc. Language, mathematics, knowledge of the world. It helps in physical and creative developments. Together with personal, social and emotional development. The preschool caters to learning on various interest areas by creating specific play areas, for e.