Experts answered the question of whether to help the child with homework


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From the beginning of the school year, each parent has an urgent and important question: is it worth helping a child with homework?

Experts comprehensively investigated this problem:

1. Some sin by doing all the work for the child. It so happens that the task is too complicated and incomprehensible: the student begins to freak out, abandons the ill-fated task and switches to something else. Parents do not want the child the next day to come with a deuce in the diary, so they take all the work on themselves. On the one hand, good intentions own parents. On the other hand, we know what they usually lead to. A child can begin to manipulate you, stop even trying to delve into the material and, as a result, can completely start learning. Therefore, this approach is permissible only in exceptional cases.

2. Is it possible to ignore a child if he is unable to cope on his own? If you do not care about his self-esteem and knowledge, then you can leave him alone with difficulties. He will begin to doubt not only his intellectual abilities, but also his significance for you personally. When you notice that the children have been sitting with an object for too long and the case clearly does not want to move off the ground, then offer your services.

3. Do not use rehebes in front of children or at least do it discreetly. All adults understand that knowledge of the school curriculum cannot be stored forever and not only everyone remembers mom and dad. However, think about how it looks in the eyes of a child: ignorance of objects did not prevent parents from becoming successful people, so I can relax. Modern requirements for specialists are becoming tougher and every employer is trying to choose the best of the best. It is worth trying so that the children understand how much knowledge plays a role.

4. Try to work in a team. Parents should renew in memory what was once passed: help the child and try to clearly explain what they could not understand at school. At the same time, it’s not worth it to do everything only for you: reveal the talent of a teacher in yourself and only direct you to the right decision.

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