Experts called the best countries for families with children


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According to experts, the rest must match the age of the child.

It is not necessary to give preference to the classic beach option, which is certainly beneficial to health, but still somewhat limited.

Experts have compiled a list of the best places for children's activities:

1. Southwest France. This area is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Beautiful landscapes, clean air and a large number of excellent monuments of architecture, including ancient castles. Particular attention should be paid to the region called Perigord. What it has to offer: caves with ancient cave paintings, where children can independently try to get fire from improvised means, walk on boats and yachts, a huge number of castles that are historical values, real Italian gardens. In addition, every inch of this region is literally permeated with the true spirit of history.

2. Finland. Even if you do not consider the country as a major holiday, then try to look here one day along the road. Children will love the city of Turku, where there is an unusual amusement park called "Mumidol". There you can see the heroes of the fairy tale Tove Jansson and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere. The park constantly hosts theatrical performances. Even in the country there are large parks for children – Särkänniemi and Power Park, whose attractions will not make even the most demanding kid bored.

3. Denmark. Highly recommended for visiting precisely Copenhagen. The city is very beautiful, interesting and very loyal to children's activities: for example, in many museums there will be a children's ticket, whose cost is significantly lower. Also in the capital of Denmark is a unique amusement park, which is decorated in the style of the XVI century. Also in Copenhagen there are aquariums and zoos.

4. Greece. The country boasts not only the sea and an abundance of historical attractions, but also an absolutely comfortable climate that will not cause inconvenience to even the smallest travelers. In Greece, each region is unique in its own way, so you can not be limited to one city, if time permits.

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