Experts: More than half of 5th graders have difficulty with basic math skills.


Experts More than half of 5th graders have difficulty with

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Experts analyzed almost 300 thousand tasks in mathematics for pupils of 5–9th grades from 62 regions of Russia. 12 thousand 900 schools took part in the study (and there are 46 thousand 794 educational institutions in Russia). According to experts, such a diagnosis better reflects the real situation with children's performance than exams.

It turned out that 65% of fifth-graders hardly give the simplest mathematical actions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And for 75% of ninth-graders there were difficulties in solving two equations.

Elena Kardanova, Director of the Center for Monitoring the Quality of Education at the Higher School of Economics Education Institute, commented on the Kommersant publication that teachers should not be blamed for not learning the program. The reason, in her opinion, lies much deeper:

The problem is not in pedagogical universities. 88% of teachers in Russia are over 45 years old, which means they were educated back in Soviet times. Rather, the problem is in the education system itself. Not given due attention to the development of motivation, personal qualities of students.

“Schoolchildren learn the rules without understanding why they are needed,” the expert explained.

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