Experts spoke about the benefits of a boarding school for children


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In foreign countries, this practice is not uncommon: the most prestigious educational institutions work in this format.

In the countries of the post-Soviet space, many parents still suspicious of boarding houses: someone does not want to let the child go for a long time, someone doubts the quality of education.

Experts found the following advantages in such an institution:

1. Suitable for parents who are passionate about careers. There is no need to accompany and meet the child, prepare him, help with lessons, etc. In fact, an enormous amount of time is freed up that can be spent profitably.

2. Socialization. Such institutions are closed, and relationships can be built only with the boarding school students. This practice will teach diplomacy from an early age, will strengthen communication skills. Like it or not, but you have to find a common language with everyone.

3. Independence. The child will be more organized and independent. The life of the guesthouse is subject to a clear schedule, which since childhood teaches discipline. Moreover, in such conditions it is impossible to count on the help of parents and the child begins to develop solutions for all problems himself.

4. Friendship. It is in the guesthouse you can find those friends with whom you can communicate throughout life. They not only learn together, but also live, build interpersonal relationships, etc.

5. Qualitative conditions. Such institutions are run by private individuals who require a large amount of tuition. In return, they are trying to offer the most attractive study and living conditions.

6. The level of education. Needless to say that the boarding house owners invite the best psychologists, teachers and educators to work? In the conditions of a boarding house it is extremely difficult to be distracted by foreign objects and to sink through knowledge. In addition, as a rule, the territory of the educational institution is under reliable protection.

7. Availability schedule. In the guesthouses, everything follows a clear schedule that regulates the day and meal schedule. By the way, children eat 5 times, which does not allow them to feel hungry. They also have the opportunity to continue to engage in their favorite hobbies right within the walls of the school: there is a large choice of classes of interest in boarding houses.

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