Experts told how to instill in children a love for vegetables


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Nutrition specialists from Malaysia told how you can help children fall in love with fruits and vegetables.

Many studies indicate that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables plays a major role in the prevention of various non-communicable diseases that are directly related to nutrition, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, oncology and obesity.

In order for a child to love healthy vegetable food, you need to offer him various dishes from vegetables and fruits in order to understand his preferences.

For example, someone likes crispy carrots, cauliflower, and someone like broccoli, cucumbers, or the soft texture of a pumpkin. If you often include their favorite vegetables in the diet, then over time they will take vegetables as part of their diet.

Let the baby independently washes the vegetables, cleans or cuts them, depending on what is appropriate for their age.

You also need to understand what processing methods are desirable for the child, although raw vegetables and fruits are most useful.

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