Experts told how to play sports during pregnancy


Experts told how to play sports during pregnancy


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Researchers told how expectant mothers to play sports in order not to harm their fetus and body. Even if a woman behaves very actively in everyday life, you need to remember that during the period of carrying a child many exercises are prohibited.

Initially, it is worth understanding that sport during pregnancy is useful, because the more actively the future mother spends her days, the easier it will be to pass her labor. True, there are some things that cannot be ignored. Firstly, all types of large sports loads are excluded, for example, basketball, volleyball, as well as alpine skiing. In addition, you should avoid doing exercises on the back, because the bladder squeezes the veins, and this affects the normal circulation.

Also, in no case should we lift weights, so strength training will have to be forgotten during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the forbidden sports include yoga and pilates, since these activities are accompanied by high sweating.

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