Experts told what a schoolboy’s breakfast should be


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The child’s body needs the right approach to the diet, because he needs a large number of nutrients for full development.

Experts recommend abandoning the popular options for ready-made breakfast cereals, since they do not bear any benefit. Many of them contain a lot of sugar, which leads to problems with being overweight.

Also discard flake options: it is better to take whole grains, which require cooking, rather than pouring boiling water. From the cereal, the child is hungry after a couple of hours, but whole grains will help to stay full for 2-5 hours.

A good substitute would be cheesecakes or eggs. However, they should be given only in the absence of an allergic reaction.

Dairy products should be consumed by children 2 times a day. Try to choose those foods that have less sugar, fat, and flavoring.

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