Fish oil reduces the risk of asthma in children


Fish oil reduces the risk of asthma in children


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Experts call a way to prevent the development of asthma in children.

At the University of Copenhagen, a large-scale study was conducted on the problem of having children with a dangerous disease – asthma. Scientists have studied not only their health, nutrition, lifestyle and genetics. Also, the target for analysis was the pregnancy of women who later had children with asthma.

Doctors found that taking fish oil during the period of carrying a child reduces by 99% the risk of not only this disease, but also a number of other mutations, developmental deviations and chronic diseases. In addition, the expectant mother's birth process is easier if she took this drug the day before.

About 700 pregnant women took part in the experiments. They took pills every day, containing 2.4 grams of a mixture of two types of fish oil, or similarly looking pills with olive oil. The placebo effect did not show good results, in contrast to the group that consumed omega 3.

In addition, these children in the future are less likely to suffer from pneumonia and bronchitis.

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