Five ways that will convince the child to fulfill your request


Five ways that will convince the child to fulfill your


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Affectionate and obedient child – is an impossible dream of any parent. But, to our great regret, the world that surrounds us is extremely far from the desired ideal, and the “children” rarely fulfill the demands set before them (even the simplest ones).

How realistic is it for an adult to convince a child to perform certain duties without shouting, quarreling, and using physical force? It turns out that it is even possible, if competently and thoughtfully to use certain psychological patterns. Of course, we are not talking at all about Goebbels' manipulation of their beloved children, turning them into obedient puppets. It’s all a matter of small tricks to achieve a certain degree of obedience and maintain a normal family environment.

Method one: the right of false choice

A very popular trick. Suppose that your child does not have the slightest desire to help you with household chores, and any requests immediately start a protest, usually accompanied by tears.

Submitted? And now try to offer the dissident a false choice: “What do you want more – to get out in the closet or take out the trash can?” freedom of choice. Just like in the Bible.

Method two: we mask the request to the child’s wish

We all know perfectly well that regrettable situation, when our baby flatly refuses to eat porridge, but it insistently demands ice cream. There are families in which a similar pattern of daily confrontation has become more than usual. And the confrontation itself comes to screams, and ends with tears and punishments.

You can easily avoid these troubles only if you stop persuading and “disguise” the porridge with ice cream so beloved by your child. This, of course, you will not be able to do, but it is quite possible to “disguise” the fish fillet under meat patties, or to hide stewed cabbage in patties.

Method three: conditions

The easiest method: set a condition and assign a reward for its implementation. The main thing is not to forget that it is necessary to control both the fulfillment of the set condition and the receipt of the award.

Method Four: Praise or Win

Always praise your child if it consciously accomplished the task assigned to it. Such a "situation of success" will certainly lay the foundation for the formation of positive psychological attitudes. In addition, you can use elements of the game or even a certain competition in which the child will be able to win, only by performing certain tasks.

Method Five: "Emotioner"

To manipulate other people's emotions is, of course, “not our methods”, but sometimes it works. Sometimes even the best is the rest.

Create a situation in which the child will be forced to regret that he had not previously fulfilled your request. You asked him to wash the dishes, but he did not comply? So, thanks to him, you will not be able to serve dinner and the whole family will remain hungry.

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