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47 0 0 0 13 6. With everything from movie foot locker downtown san francisco to golf courses, these airports are destinations unto themselves. Hours of boredom, cramped seating and stale sandwiches—layovers are well known to be anything but fun. In addition, according to Rick Perdue, head of the department of hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech, layovers have gotten significantly longer because airlines fly bigger planes and have reduced the number of flights.

Here’s the good news: In response to this woeful trend, a handful of well-managed airports around the world are taking their services and amenities up a serious notch. Perdue points to advances in security processing such as the Global Entry program, which makes it much easier to navigate security without the need to take off your coat, remove your computer from its sleeve or slip off your shoes. But for Perdue, the one amenity that really matters is far less tangible: silence. Or at least something in the ballpark of peace and quiet. Many European and Asian hubs—such as Singapore’s Changi International Airport and Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea—do an especially good job of reducing ambient noise, which contributes to stress and can permeate even the most exclusive clubs. Changi, for example, has movie theaters, a butterfly garden, a 40-foot slide, a rooftop pool and other fun distractions, but also provides designated quiet zones where public announcements aren’t piped in. To make sure you don’t miss your flight, you can sign up for cell phone calls with airline updates.

Dubai International Airport ups the ante with the kind of unapologetic extravagance the city is known for, this time in the form of the world’s largest duty-free shop at 58,000 square feet, open-air gardens and shopping stands where you can purchase actual gold bars. Easy connections, Wi-Fi that works, great meal options, clean carpets that don’t make a mockery of your wheeled luggage, comfortable seating and hotel rooms deliver the best layover experience. Thomas Pink, for example, will iron your new suit and put it in a flight-ready package. The terminal also houses an 11,000-square-foot Harrods and, for the culture-minded, a gallery showcasing sculptures by emerging British artists. Dutch masters such as Jan Steen and Ferdinand Bol. 2011 and the ongoing reconstruction of Terminal 2. All of the work-related facilities and services one could demand are here, but it’s really the extras that keep play-hard types happy during long layovers.

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148-room Proper to join ranks of boutique hotels in downtown L. The former Case Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is being converted to a boutique hotel called the Proper. Downtown’s hotel market is thriving after years of mediocre performance. Travelers to cities with thriving downtowns, such as New York and San Francisco, have long been familiar with one-of-a-kind boutique hotels, but downtown Los Angeles has long been ruled by big chains selling soothing predictability. That pattern is finally changing as L. Downtown hotel: In the July 7 Business section, an article about a boutique hotel being built in downtown Los Angeles gave its name as the Proper.

The full name is Downtown L. The latest example is a historic 13-story tower on Broadway that is being converted to a hotel called the Proper. 103 million, reaping a tidy profit for its developers. Downtown’s hotel market is thriving after years of mediocre performance, and that has developers racing to get into the niche of boutique, or “lifestyle,” hotels.

The shift now is not toward just renting a room where one is going to sleep, it’s going where there is nightlife,” she said. The trend is thriving in metropolitan areas. There are more than 15 lifestyle hotels on the Westside, particularly in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, but downtown so far has only the Ace and the Standard, which occupies a former office building in the financial district. Construction on the Proper is scheduled to begin in the next few months and be completed by 2017. A handful of other boutique hotels are in the pipeline for downtown, including two ongoing renovations of former 1920s office buildings by New York developer Sydell Group. For many years, downtown hotels served mostly business travelers and conventioneers.

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