Frank photo session of a pediatrician caused a scandal in social networks


Frank photo session of a pediatrician caused a scandal in

Pediatrician Anastasia Orlova from the city of Kineshma, Ivanovo Region, was convicted of candid photos in underwear, which photo artist Elena Schegoleva published in Instagram on Instagram.

Pediatrician doctor convicted of a photo shoot in underwear pic.twitter.com/LuTGgPpq1q

– Yasha Ushkolov (@cobazlo) March 28, 2019

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Black and white photos of Orlova in the underwear caused a wave of critic, but the doctor said that she was not shy about photographs and was not afraid of criticism, and asked all those who were dissatisfied to come to the reception and make complaints in person, Medrussia portal writes.

According to her, none of the patients, seeing the photo, said nothing to her. Orlova insists that she is a competent specialist, and all the photos were taken as part of decency.

I'm not afraid of anything: The pediatrician has posted a candid photo session on the Web https://t.co/w1HNjDe0sd pic.twitter.com/x6j2f00Jpx

– REN TV | News (@rentvchannel) March 27, 2019

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Earlier in Altai, teacher Tatyana Kuvshinnikova was forced to resign because of the photo in a closed swimsuit on the social network. In the footage, she posed in a closed bathing suit and in a short dress on a horizontal bar after a swim in honor of the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

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