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We all know ‘The Fresh Prince’ was a great show. But there’s no funny basketball pictures some of the show’s decisions and casting made no sense whatsoever.

Calling them “inconsistent” would be letting them off easy. But alas, let’s count them down. That he was highly-recruited prospect should be no surprise, as he was draining half-court shots with ease. But for some reason, no college offer came. Instead, he enrolled at the local university, which of course was Carlton’s safety school as well, and never mentioned his ballin’ days again. We were reminded of it any time he and Will were in the same room. Or he and Geoffrey were in the same room.

Or he and anybody were in the same room. But the joking stopped for an episode when Phil suffered a very serious heart attack, landing him in the hospital in a situation so depressing that Carlton refused to come to terms with it. I guess the producers didn’t either. Episode ended, and Phil continued to be fat and the subject of more jokes. Looks like you eat here often. Queen Latifah made a couple guest appearances during the show’s first two seasons, but played two completely different characters. First season, it was as Hilary’s horrific boss, Marissa Redmon.

Second season, it was as Will’s beautiful on the inside love interest, Dee-Dee. Ignoring their common love of putting straws in their nose, Will ditched Dee-Dee to go the dance with an over-the-top annoying girl played by Nia Long. The very same Nia Long who would later appear as Will’s fiance, Lisa. That’s what the producers set out to accomplish when he disappeared after high school, despite being one of Will’s best friends. And then there was Jackie, played by future rabies victim Tyra Banks.

The two engage in a little “will they won’t they” until she gets fed up with Will’s antics at a frat party and storms out, demanding that Carlton drive her home. She was never seen or heard from again. Nothing new when it comes to sitcoms, but it was a drastic change when a new season began and the house had been completely remodeled. Stairs were in the living room, kitchens were in the hallways. At least the establishing shot didn’t change. In the 5th season, cousin Nicky goes from newborn to sassy preschooler. At least this was somewhat acknowledged, as Jazz stared blankly at Will after witnessing the growth.

And of course, the only one to acknowledge it was Jazz, who said “Mrs. My girlfriend is easy to prank – so I tried the classic pudding in a mayonnaise jar. But what does this culinary Dr. Frankenstein think of smashing two of his favorite fast-food chains together into one dish? Well, today Sean Evans takes his buddy Harley through the fast-food journey of his lifetime.

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