Genetics found out what features are inherited from children


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American geneticists managed to find out what features are transmitted to children from their fathers.

As scientists were able to establish, the genes of the pope are much stronger than the genes of the mother, so they have a greater effect on the offspring.

Most of the conclusions of experts were confirmed experimentally with the participation of rodents. So, the child inherits his external data from the pope, so women should pay attention not only to the rich inner world of their chosen one. The same rule applies to obvious imperfections and flaws in the appearance.

Also, a tendency to obesity and a number of mental disorders is transmitted from the father. If Dad has a weak heart or schizophrenia, then your child will almost certainly have these diseases.

An unexpected conclusion was that fears and phobias can be genetically transmitted. It turns out that information about them is also stored in DNA.

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