German greetings to children

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Please forward this error screen to 192. Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Germany, explore our collection of cross-curricular teaching ideas and classroom activities! German Days of the Week A handy set of printable vocabulary posters, showing the days of the week on German flags. Add them to a classroom display board or use them as a teaching resource! Using the Umlaute This handy resource can be used when your children are learning about the use of the umlaute in German. Label the Face in German Challenge your children to label the different parts of this face using the German words provided.

German Club Banner Use this banner on a display board about your german club. Counting to Ten A useful chart showing how to count to ten in a variety of different languages. Happy New Year Resources A selection of resources to use at the beginning of a new year. German Meetings and Greetings Explore how German people greet each other with this Powerpoint presentation. German Numbers to 20 Learn the German numbers from 1 to 20 with our free printable posters.