German shepherds love children

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Please forward this error screen to 199. White German Shepherds and Colored German Shepherds! When I have a hard day, I just wish I could german shepherds love children call her like I used to.

AND everything she ever said to me whether it be to teach me or to let me learn. I also find that it’s been harder and harder to let folks know about the Snowcloud Shepherds. They are actually very few and far between now and very hard to find. As I talk just about the Snowcloud shepherds, I find that almost all of mine here at home are related to them.

I think of all the shepherds that we are breeding now, only ONE is not related to the Snowcloud Line. I am here 21 years after my first litter of puppies NOT BECAUSE of Alice, but because of my LOVE and DEDICATION to what I feel is important. There is NO ONE out there. No one The breeders who are advertising SNOWCLOUD, are not 100 percent Snowcloudthey are only trying to add to the bloodlines! Just like myself, they are working towards what they feel is important to them. I AM HONORED and always will be. I will NEVER give up my wonderful memories of what we shared.

I stayed with Alice many times, our whole family would travel there over a weekend, just to share. We became friends over time but she was and still is more to me to this day. I also thank those of you who have some of our lines plus the Snowcloud lines mixed. It’s important to me to know that we are working together to provide better shepherds for folks! We have all mixed and intertwined our lines together to hopefully keep that love alive!

I felt I needed to add this after the years of Alice’s passing. NOT JUST ABOUT A NAMEit’s about love, dedication, hard work and enjoying what you do. Lots of things have changed in our lives since losing Alice- some good, some not so good, but it’s all about how you receive the changes and make due. We are moving forward with love and hope in our hearts. God as our Light that we follow. Alice and her family did just thatI do not know all the details as I am not part of Alice’s immediate family. White German Shepherds from Alice Horton.