Gomelchanin-recidivist in a diesel engine stole a telephone for 8,000 rubles from a sleeping passenger


Gomelchanin recidivist in a diesel engine stole a telephone for 8000


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The girl fell asleep on the train and almost lost her expensive phone.

The incident occurred in the diesel engine Gomel – Rechitsa. A 39-year-old man spotted a girl talking on the phone. Repeatedly tried by a man was not difficult to determine an expensive gadget. He waited until the passengers of the train doze off, and crept to the girl's bag. Since the train was in the early morning, the victim also fell asleep.

The man pulled out the phone and, as if nothing had happened, was sitting in his place further. Waking up, the girl discovered the loss. None of the passengers noticed the moment of theft, then the woman turned to the train driver. At the final station, law enforcement officers entered the train. When checking in the pocket of a man, the missing phone was found for 8,000 thousand rubles.

A criminal case was initiated against the man. He had already been convicted several times, and his last conviction was not paid off. He faces up to 4 years in prison.

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