Granddaughters of the President of Belarus won in the competition of messages to Yakub Kolas




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On January 18, Yakub Kolas State Literary-Memorial Museum summed up the results of the contest of New Year's messages to Yakub Kolas among Belarusian schoolchildren.

The jury of the creative competition "Walk, Zima, Your Chasna! .." was chosen by the best of several dozen works that were sent by children from all over the republic.

The main theme of the messages is winter holidays, dreams of the future and requests for grandfather Yakub. The creativity of children was assessed in two age categories: among the lower grades (1-3) and among students in grades 4-5.

In the first group, the sisters Anastasia and Daria Lukashenko won – students of the Minsk gymnasium No. 16. Granddaughters of the President of Belarus. The daughters of Lukashenka’s son, Dmitriy, sent their essays about an unusual snowman and a unicorn to the contest.

In the older group, Maxim Kravchenko was recognized as the best from the Moscow gymnasium No. 30.

All participants of the creative competition were awarded diplomas, as well as cash prizes and valuable gifts from the chairman of the jury, the chief editor of the children's magazine Vyaselka and the museum director Yakub Kolas. The contest works of the children were placed in a memorable symbolic book, which would then be transferred to the funds of the museum.

After the ceremony, the victorious sisters Anastasia and Daria told reporters that they learned to speak Belarusian in a gymnasium, and speak Russian at home, but they like to read Belarusian books.

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