Great easy lunches for school


Boring kids’ lunches are criticized more than a professional chef’s cooking. Whether you’re eating at home or packing the kids’ lunches for school, these 101 lunch ideas for kids at home or great easy lunches for school offer tasty options to please the pickiest palettes. A can of alphabet soup can’t compare with mom’s home cooked alphabet soup. Warm chicken noodle soup sneaks in carrots, peas, and celery.

Kids won’t feel like they’ve had a bowl of soup when you add potatoes, ham and cheese. Make this soup tonight and tomorrow’s lunch is finished. Chili is an easy option for the lunch thermos during the winter months. A lighter chili alternative is a lean turkey chili that uses tomatoes, cheese, and beans. Warm their tummies with beef stew. Veggies include potatoes, celery, and carrots. Sandwiches and Wraps for Kids’ Lunches8.

J staple and you’ve kicked it up to a gourmet treat. This crunchy, sweet sandwich won’t be traded in the cafeteria. Kids can fill pita bread at lunchtime to make their pizzas or pre-fill pita bread at home so it’s ready to go. A recipe so delicious, it will become a regular in your kids’ lunches.