"Harmful" advice on parenting, which should be forgotten


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In raising a child, it is important not only to listen to the recommendations of psychologists, teachers and their parents, but also to analyze what they have heard.

There are many techniques that not only do not work, but can significantly worsen the relationship with your child.

What exactly you should not do:

1. Apply corporal punishment. The body of the child is inviolable. Any violence in his direction is unacceptable. Yes, in former times there was a system of upbringing and a system of values. But humanity does not stand still, taking significant steps towards humanity. If you hit your child, you will cause irreparable psychological damage both to him personally and to your relationship in which there will never be a place for trust.

2. Be always authoritarian. Why should children live with a warden who only constantly demands and gives nothing in return? By making such a mistake, you will grow a personality that will not be capable of love and healthy harmonious relationships. Be strict when it is needed, otherwise try to be a friend and a close person.

3. To force to eat a portion completely. The child himself knows when he should stop: if he is full, you should not force him to eat up. So you can cause an aversion to food, which in adolescence can turn into eating disorders.

4. Do not use arguments in favor of their position. You shouldn’t push exclusively with your authority: children are inquisitive and inquisitive, it will be useful for them to find out on the basis of what facts you come to one or another conclusion. After all, it is in the family that children absorb a pattern of behavior and communication, learn to think.

5. Different positions of spouses. When mom and dad say different things, and even more, they prohibit and allow, an incredible confusion begins to happen in the head of the children. You must develop a unified position in education and coordinate plans in advance.

6. To cause fear in a child. Many parents confuse feelings of respect and fear. Cases when children are afraid of their parents are not allowed. They will no longer trust you and in the event of a difficult life situation they will be inclined to receive advice from outsiders than from you.

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