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Would YOU help a child you saw being bullied? Would YOU help a child help for teenagers bullied?

Read this: Would YOU help a child being bullied? One in three children are victims of bullying. Most would agree that statistic is truly awful, but would you actually do anything if you saw a child being picked on? That was the question posed in this experiment which saw two schoolchildren pretend to bully a girl in front of bystanders at a bus stop. To begin with members of the public appear to ignore the teenagers picking on the younger girl, as they ask her: ‘Do you have any friends at all? When one of the bullies tells the young girl she needs to wear make-up, a woman sitting nearby snaps back: ‘No she do not! In each clip the mean girls persist in picking on the poor girl – but it only takes so long before other people waiting at the bus stop intervene.

One middle-aged woman turns to the girls and berates them for being so mean. She asks: ‘How would you like it if somebody who was a little bit older than you came and told you that you weren’t any good? You don’t hurt someone’s feelings and intentionally do it. Perhaps the most heartwarming moment is when a security guard comes to the bullied girl’s aid after she is called ‘a freak’ for reading books at school. First he turns to the teenagers and tells them: ‘Quit messing with her. He then says to the girl, ‘You keep reading,’ before putting on his cap and turning away.

On three occasions adults ask the girl if she wants to join them instead, with one woman complimenting her bag before telling her the bullies are ‘nasty’. Another woman asks if she would like to ride the bus with her, while an older gentleman invites the girl over and plays the harmonica to her. The video was made by UpTV┬áto raise awareness of bullying. Help Prevent Bullying With These Anti-Bullying Tips For Parents, Teens And Kids – UPtv. The comments below have not been moderated.

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