Hike with the child to the store: how to behave to avoid hysteria


Hike with the child to the store how to behave


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For some parents, visiting a store with a child is a real torture. The child is hysterical, demanding to buy something, bringing mom and dad to faintness.

Store workers and visitors look askance, surprised that parents allow their children to behave this way. Other children clearly understand that if the mother refused to buy, then screaming and crying is useless. But it depends not only on the parents, but also on the nature of the baby. Yet there are ways to go with the child to the store without hysterics, exhausting and discouraging the desire to leave the house altogether.

How to behave with the child in the store:

1. When planning to visit a supermarket or store, you need to feed your beloved offspring well, so that it does not feel hungry, seeing cakes, sweets and other food on the shelves. In addition, he should not be tired, because then any reason can lead to a tantrum.

2. Before leaving the house with the baby you need to make a shopping list, discussing each item. If the baby starts to act up capricious in the store, then it is worth reminding him of the list and saying that no additional purchases were planned. Even if the baby will scream and cry, you can not give in!

3. It is advisable to add to the list something for which he will gladly go with his mother for groceries. This may be a biscuit cake in chocolate, a favorite candy or an egg with a surprise. Such items do not damage the budget, but a small person will know that something tasty will be bought for him. His attention will be fully occupied by this item in the list, he will no longer look for something else.

4. Taking a candy or an egg from the counter, you can let the little one bring it to the cash desk on your own. This will be the main task, because he is already an adult.

5. It is advisable to go only in those departments in the supermarket where you need to take something on the list, bypassing the shelves with toys.

6. The child should know that parents always fulfill their promises. If he liked something in the store, you can promise to donate this thing to some holiday, for example, for his birthday, if he is nearing. But the promise must be fulfilled. Otherwise, the beloved child will no longer believe promises and say something then it will be simply useless.

If suddenly it happened that the baby wanted him to buy some very expensive toy, which the family budget simply does not have money, then you can switch his attention to a less expensive thing. To do this, you should pick up something colorful and tell your beloved child how interesting another toy is, how many advantages it has, what you can do with it.

Any problems associated with tantrums can be solved by cheating a little. You just need to show imagination and something to lure the crumbs.

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