How do cartoons affect children? Psychology tips


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Kids love cartoons. Parents use this when they turn on the TV and go about their business, imposing entertainment on the child.

Parents try to select the safest information for children. This concerns the abundance of animation. Images of cartoon characters shape the consciousness of children who realistically perceive what they see.

Foreign cartoons cause parents anxiety, doubts about their safety. They illustrate the cruelty of the world in which they are fighting for power. Evil characters are killed. And in the Soviet – evil reformed.

Characters are painted in bright colors. The action takes place against the background of constant flicker of colors. This technique is used to “chain” the child to the screen, without giving the opportunity to evaluate the actions of the characters. Dull your own imagination.

Frequent glimpses of similar faces in American cartoons form a matrix of beauty in the mind of a child. Girls will want to be like such heroines, and boys – to look for a similar companion.

The manner of speaking and behavior of foreign heroines is the same. The image is devoid of romance, endowed with cruelty. For example, a princess is fighting like a man. Therefore, the girls find out the relationship with their fists, remove the fight on the phone, lay out the beating scenes on the Internet.

The filmmakers "undress" the heroines, demonstrate the standards of the female figure. The girls are upset if their forms do not match the character. The consequences are sad – complexes, refusal to eat for the purpose of losing weight, early use of cosmetics.

Children tend to imitate heroes, copy behavior. Violence on the screen looks realistic, is not punished. You can not watch scenes with blood, fights. This leads to cruelty or childish fears.

Watching the characters get up easily after the impact, they do not feel pain, the children laugh. Consciousness disappears in consciousness.

In the animated cartoon "The Simpsons" shows a negative image of the family, the abuse sounds.

The question “Which films are better to watch?” Is unequivocally difficult to answer. We are closer to the mentality of the Soviet, which promote the value of the family, respect for elders, mutual assistance.

Passion for animation becomes a habit. It is difficult for a baby to be “torn off” from the screen. Psychologists believe that modern cartoons have a negative impact on the psyche of the child.

How to avoid negativity?

Offer to watch Soviet cartoons, which are characterized by instructive and informative idea. They are positive, have a beneficial effect on the psyche, and teach goodness. The current generation of children enjoys watching films such as “The Cat Leopold”, “The Bremen Town Musicians”, “The Adventures of Dunno”. Successfully enjoy the series "Tales for Kids", "Merry Go Round".

Showing Disney cartoons, parents focus on the positive aspects of behavior, explain the actions of the characters.

It is recommended to watch educational cartoons – "Mountain of semi-precious stones", "Talking Alphabet".

Limit the view, in which the bad deeds of characters are unpunished. Men are endowed with female character traits, and women – with male character. Disrespect towards older people and parents is broadcast. Ideas about good and evil are not fixed. Children remember negative situations and will do likewise.

Do not allow the TV to become the main educator of the child, overshadowing the influence of parents. Conclusion – choose cartoons with caution. Parents should know that the kid is fun to watch.

Show children useful cartoons that not only entertain, but also broaden their horizons.

Consider the age features of the child. Get acquainted with the content of the future viewing in advance.

In a good cartoon there are no loud sounds and a lot of dialogues. The show is accompanied by listenable music or children's songs.

Find the opportunity to discuss with the child what he looked. Children will become "slaves" of the TV, if adults can not "tame" it.

To avoid nervousness, control the time spent at the screen. Before bedtime you can not watch cartoons, so as not to have problems with falling asleep.

Cartoons do not replace the child communication with adults. Take a walk in the fresh air. Read books to your child, tell stories for the night. Together visit museums, a zoo. By such actions, get rid of the negative impact of cartoon films.

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