How fathers experience the loss of a child: 4 stereotypes




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Losing a child is a terrible event in any family. And when the wife goes for childbirth, and the father receives the message "Your child is dead," it becomes a real tragedy in the family.

However, most women believe that men do not experience severe shocks. Is it really? This issue should be examined in more detail, because men in many situations perceive the loss of their “blood” more painfully, they simply do not show it.

Men worry more about their wife – it's true

Every woman experiences such a loss not only on the physical, but also on the moral level. Therefore, many men are well aware that it is their wife who needs to be reassured. And most importantly, if the birth was difficult, there is a likelihood that the woman’s health will go down.

Therefore, the first time a man will worry specifically about his wife, well aware of her condition at a certain point in time.

At first, the child’s death doesn’t catch on so much, the feelings are only about their second half. Over time, these feelings are replaced by the opposite and become more noticeable. However, at first, a man will always feel sorry for his woman.

Did not bear a child, did not see him – should not worry

This opinion is misleading and quite controversial. For example, there are men who constantly supported their woman during pregnancy, talked with the baby and showed their love. For them, the loss will be as painful as for a woman, this point must be understood.

Although, there are men who almost did not touch their stomach and did not try to talk to their baby without reminders. But for this type of men, the loss of a child will no longer be something terrible in moral terms. But the fact is that they still have not attached to him at all, and therefore they do not see any serious problem.

A man does not cry – he does not care

If men have no tears after such a serious loss, many women begin to blame them for indifference. This has its own truth, because the loss of a child is a serious grief.

However, as practice shows, men can cry just once. Also, quite often they do this unnoticed by everyone around them. And how can you blame him in that case?

And, most importantly – men remain calm in order to maintain their soul mate. For example, if both begin to fill with bitter tears after loss, what good will come of it? Men try to control their emotions, at least in public. Therefore, the absence of tears is not an indicator at all.

What men think

Because of their mindset, men always think: "There is a problem – we need to find a solution."

For example, a child died – a great sorrow, but you need to live on or your wife is depressed, she needs to somehow cheer up.

However, their excessive desire to distract from bad thoughts in many situations causes only irritation.

Also, women may have thoughts in their heads that he is not worried at all and is trying to quickly “hush up” the problem. But, men always think differently and get angry because of this makes no sense to them.

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