How much to give the child a sweet


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All children – sweet tooth.

But excessive consumption of sweets threatens not only spoiled appetite, but can harm much more.

Where is the line in the question of sweets and how to dose treats, told pediatricians

Sweets only after meals

It is clear that the candy before dinner will greatly reduce the amount of tasty and healthy food that mother prepared for the child.

Strictly limit the number of candies to a few per day.

It must be remembered that the children's body is not yet fully formed, the immunity is not strong, the gastrointestinal tract is not ready for a large amount of sweets.

For this reason, the child has allergic rashes, dysbiosis, etc.

If you see symptoms of an allergy or intestinal disorder, immediately consult a doctor. Do not self-medicate.

A child who has eaten sweets needs attention, care and a balanced, fractional diet.

A few tips, what should be the candy for children:

the minimum content of artificial flavors and dyes (they cause allergic reactions);
It is preferable to give children sweets with a base in the form of jelly and souffle, creamy marshmallow without fillers;
If you decide to give the child chocolate, it is better to choose a variety with a maximum milk content.

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