How reasonable is the possible ban on telephones in schools: the opinions of experts are divided


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The Government of the Russian Federation is seriously considering the possibility of introducing a ban on smartphones for students in the walls of educational institutions.

At the same time, in our country, some schools are also trying to restrict students by collecting gadgets from them for the duration of the lessons or for the entire school day.

Instead of smartphones, students are offered to use push-button telephones to have the necessary communication with parents without compromising the learning process.

Despite the fact that the idea seems very reasonable, the opinions of experts, including those from the field of education, were divided: someone sees obvious benefits in such a solution, and for someone it seems detrimental and devoid of any special meaning.

The pluses include the following arguments:

1. During breaks, students can repeat homework and prepare for subjects, rather than play toys with friends.

2. There will be less temptations in the classroom: if you don’t have a gadget with the Internet or an interesting game at hand, you will have to delve into the learning process.

3. The negative impact of radiation from a mobile device on the health of students will be reduced.

4. Children will begin to devote more time to lively communication with each other.

5. During independent and control works there will be less chances to find answers in a network.

6. No one will try to photograph a comrade who is in an awkward position on camera. As a result, a more healthy atmosphere will be created in the team. It is known that for bullying, unpleasant photos and videos are used, which are then used to tease an objectionable student.

However, opponents of the ban say the following:

1. At breaks, children will still not devote time to study, as they will have fun with each other.

2. During the lesson, you can be distracted by anything if the teacher could not interest in his subject.

3. The harmfulness of mobile devices is not a reliable medical fact: there are only a number of scientific studies that cannot claim to be true.

4. If you prohibit smartphones, then the full potential of integrating information technology into the life of the student will be lost: there is a huge amount of Internet resources that can provide invaluable assistance in learning.

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