How the figure of Victoria Lopyrevoj looks after childbirth: real photos


How the figure of Victoria Lopyrevoj looks after childbirth real

35-year-old Victoria Lopyreva, who became a mother in early February, two weeks after giving birth, posted a picture in a swimsuit on instagram, delighting subscribers with a slim figure. Then the star also reported that in a short time it returned the same weight, but, judging by the pictures taken on the eve of the paparazzi, it has slightly embellished its successes.

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On a real photo, the figure of Lopyreva looks more like the figure of a woman who gave birth a month and a half ago. However, due to the fact that before Victoria had published more embellished pictures, Internet users reacted to new shots rather violently.

“Chest hangs, cellulite and sides – finally we saw Lopyreva real”, “Ha, that’s all her praised photoshop”, “Perspective decides everything”, “I am blind from cellulite on my body and from the decline of my chest! Not a single decent woman can look so bad after giving birth, ”“ Oh, and what kind of fold-smile on a fat back? ”The haters were gloating.

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Posted by Victoria Lopyreva (@lopyrevavika) Feb 18, 2019 at 2:13 am PST

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Here is a photo posted herself Lopyreva

Recall, Lopyreva gave birth to a son on February 6, 2019 in an American clinic. The boy was named Mark Lionel. The father of the child is Igor Bulatov. According to media reports, the model stole a man from the family: he had previously been married to billionaire daughter Tate Karapetyan, who at the time of the beginning of the novel Bulatova with Lopyreva was pregnant.

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