How to become a good stepmother: practical tips


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Not every woman agrees to start a serious relationship with a man who takes care of children from his first marriage, as this is associated with a large share of responsibility.

It is not easy to be a stepmother, since the support of the spouse is very important for a woman: if she is not, then the child will be treated accordingly.

How to become the perfect stepmother for the child of your loved one? Psychologists and educators identified key points:

1. Do not say anything bad about the biological mother of the child, even if all the abusive words of the world are really about her. Parents are not chosen, so children do not have to hear your personal opinion about their mother. Try to make your husband answer these “uncomfortable” questions.

2. Remember that you are a stranger to them. They were deprived of the right to choose, so do not be surprised if at the very beginning of the relationship they will not be very loyal to you. Over time, the sharpness will disappear and you will be able to establish normal relations.

3. Be yourself. Do not try to play other people's roles of ideal women and do not try to be better than you really are. Children feel the lie too well, so your sincere attempts to build relationships can be perceived as insincerity and manipulation.

4. Give children attention. You should not live as if children do not exist: in the end, they are an important part of the life of your loved one. The child needs attention, care and interest, so do not be afraid to talk with them and spend time together. So they will not feel the lack of female warmth.

5. Remember that these are not your children. You should not make high demands on them and force them to meet certain standards: their father should play a key role in their upbringing and education. Of course, you want only the best for children, but let biological parents solve vital issues.

6. Do not be fooled. Gaining the trust of others' children is not easy, so do not let them be disappointed in you. If you deceive them once, then they will no longer be able to trust you unconditionally, which will destroy your relationship with them.

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