How to care for a child in the first month of his life


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The appearance of the long-awaited child in the family is a joyful moment for which not everyone is ready.

Experts have voiced the procedures that are necessary for the baby in the first month of his life:

1. Breastfeeding. The first time new mothers are new breastfeeding. It is necessary to immediately seek help from specialists who will teach how to properly feed the child. Difficulties arise only in the first time, then everything happens naturally.

2. Diaper. Doctors recommend to abandon pretty baby clothes in favor of the classic swaddling. At night, swaddle stands completely, and in the daytime leave your hands free.

3. Water treatment. It is not necessary to clarify the need for this process, since everyone understands the importance of the issue of hygiene in relation to the newborn. It is necessary to adhere to the same time every day and bathe the baby before feeding. Water must undergo a boiling process. After it has cooled to the desired temperature, the baby is lowered into the water over the shoulders (be sure to hold), washed with a special soap.

4. Navel. In order to avoid infection, it is worth treating the navel with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green every day until healing.

5. The diaper. It is worth learning the art of correct diaper changing even before the birth of a child, either from more experienced women or from medical workers.

6. Washing away. In order not to infect the infection through the genitals, it is recommended to perform the procedure every 2 hours and after the toilet.

7. Morning hygiene. There are no difficulties here: they wash the face of a newborn and clean their eyes, ears and nose.

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