How to choose a circle or section for a child


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When a child grows up and starts going to kindergarten, most parents think about additional education for their baby.

However, with a variety of choices and shapes of circles and sections, it is easy to get lost in choosing the right place

An expert in psychology in education explains what to look for when choosing circles and sections for a child.

First, parents need to answer the question "why would their child attend additional circles and sections." There are three main areas in the choice of additional activities for the child:

for general development;
for success and achievement;
to correct and / or overcome any personal characteristics of the child and communication difficulties.

Based on the needs of the child should make a choice.

In the first case, the task of employment of the child. As a rule, in this case, the child usually tries several directions and only then stops at what he really likes.

In the second case, the direction of enhanced activities is chosen by the parents themselves. This path is often chosen by parents – mothers and fathers, who for some reason did not realize their own childhood dream and want to live it at the expense of their child. Here the main thing to consider the wishes of your child. So that in the future your efforts will not spoil the relationship with the child.

The third case is the ability to compensate for the features or difficulties of the child. For example, if the baby is shy and anxious, he is recorded in a drama school so that he is liberated there. Can't stand up for yourself? On martial arts. Poor health? On swimming or figure skating. Speech problems? On the choir in music school. This direction can be transformed both in the first and in the second – depending on the style of family education.

Based on the opinion of experts, the choice of additional classes for your child can be considered the first step into adulthood, as well as the most important component of education. Therefore it is worth taking it very seriously.

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