How to choose a sports section for the child


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Sport is an absolute factor in the harmonious development of the child.

However, choosing the right direction should take into account a number of important factors.

1. Feature of character. You should not give a tender child to a martial arts school or to an excessively active one, say, to the archery section. The sport should correspond to the character of the person, he should be in harmony with him.

2. Physiology. Sport should temper the body, make it stronger and more durable, but not vice versa. Try to choose on the basis of physical capabilities, and not your unrealized hopes.

3. Location. Still, you should give preference to the section that is closer to home.

4. Opinion of the doctor. Parents may not know until the end of the features of children's health or the consequences of a particular sport. It is better to consult with a specialist in order to avoid negative consequences.

5. Preferences of the child. It is not necessary to rely only on your own opinion in such an important issue, after all, you will not be engaged. Find out what kind of sport your child likes, match the options and make a choice so as not to ignore his opinion.

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