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Whenever the family is waiting for the baby to be born, one of the first questions is how to choose a baby's name.

Of course, the traditions of society and family will play an important role in addressing this issue, but some other aspects should be taken into account. We, in turn, just talk about the individual features of the choice of name.

Name is connected with fate

Even despite the sonority and universal sympathy for a particular name in the family, first learn its meaning.

It is important that in another language it does not mean something bad or unpleasant. To get started, buy a book with the interpretation of names. She will tell you how to choose the name of the child, including when you are looking for something unique.

However, do not overdo it. In Russia, facts are known when children were called Dolphin, Zorya, Viagra, Aladdin, Zhuzha, and so on.

Now imagine what it would be for these children to study at school and go to work, where, for example, the sign "Zhuzha Nikolayevna" flaunts on the office door.

Such parental fantasies can be brought to suicide, but more often when they reach the age of majority, children turn to the registry offices themselves in order to change their name.

It is believed that the name of the child should include the vowels of the names of the father and mother.

In this case, as is commonly believed, the child will be more obedient. For example, if the mother's name is Elena, and father Alexey, then you can choose a name for the boy, such as Alexander, Elisha, Arseny or Artem, and for the girl – Angelica, Elizabeth, Catherine.

How can you call a girl

According to statistics, girls more often than boys are called by the characters of TV shows or works of literature.

But, first, the fashion is passing, and the child may later be confronted with misunderstanding in the society, from where came such a strange name, such as, for example, Izaura or Marianna.

And secondly, the name of the hero obliges the child to conform to him, which entails additional stresses. How can you call a girl, if you still want to bring the name of your favorite character into your family?

Look for similar in sound, but more traditional names for Russia. For example, the name Isaura can be replaced by Zinaida or Elizabeth, and the name Marianna can be replaced by Margarita, Marina or Maria.

You should do the same if you decide to give your daughter the obsolete name of your grandmother or great-grandmother. For example, instead of Agafya, name your daughter Agatha.

If a family has a dispute about how to name a girl, then keep in mind that in Russia it is not forbidden to give children double names.

Suppose a husband wants to call the child Mary, and his wife Anna, then why not compromise and give the girl the double name Anna Maria? In any case, it is important that all family members like the name.

How to choose a name for a boy

Choosing a name for the boy is best guided by the rules of exceptions. For example, do not call the baby name of the father.

Psychological studies have shown that such people have a weak mind, they are more irritable and nervous.

In addition, it is inconvenient to pronounce the same name and patronymic together, which leads to their use in colloquial speech in abbreviated form, for example, Pal Palych or San Sanych.

Can help choose the right name for the boy church calendar. Look at what month the baby should be born, and find out which names correspond to this month.

In addition, before you choose a name for the boy, pay attention to his middle name.

When it starts at the last letter of the name, this combination is not very convenient to pronounce. For example, Alexander Romanovich or Mark Kirillovich.

Most of the names of girls end with the letter "a", so when choosing a female name, this feature is not taken into account.

Consider also the fact that your son will ever grow up and also become a father. And if you decide to call your son a foreign name, such as John, Elton, Eric, and the like, then first imagine what middle name your grandchildren will have.

If before the birth of the baby there is not much time left, and you haven’t decided how to choose the name of the child, then you shouldn’t worry – in most cases this question will disappear by itself when, looking in his small eyes, you will simply understand It must be called so that your son can be proud of his name.

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