How to choose the right sport for your child


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The reserve of children's energy is the envy of every adult.

Continuous physical active employment surprises parents, sometimes even scares. And in every family there comes a time when they decide to send this jet activity in the right direction. And then the question arises: how to find the right direction? The choice in favor of sports is the most optimal. It remains only to decide which direction is most suitable for your child.

By answering 4 questions, you can understand how to proceed:

– Your child's age?

– Health status?

– Bright character traits?

– What fascinates your child?


For preschool children, sport will be interesting, in which flexibility, reaction, plasticity prevail. Acrobatics, ball games, ice skating, sport dancing.

For children 6-8 years old, you can implement activities related to stress and endurance. Equestrian sport, judo, karate, volleyball.

Teenagers can already begin to engage in sports more traumatic. Physiologically, the child becomes stronger, so it will be easier to master the struggle, light or weightlifting at this particular age.


Health is one of the most significant factors to consider in this choice. To complete a full medical commission before the start of classes is a prerequisite. Share with your doctor your plans. Listen to tips and advice.

It is possible that there will be a taboo on the desired direction. Otherwise, you need to start restoring your body in special sections in order to eradicate existing diseases. Having received the admission, begin to implement the Olympic goals. If there is a ban, the parent, using his prudence, must find an alternative to the chosen sport.


Each person is individual. Someone needs to be always in a group of people, he is interested in team spirit and constant communication with colleagues. Someone wants to develop their own identity. It is by these criteria that one can understand whether to give a child to a sport in which achievements are obtained by joint efforts. Or, on the contrary, choose the direction where self-development will be sole.

Assistance in choosing

Age, character, state of health – these are reference indicators that need attention. But sports, in the first place, should be a joyful, exciting leisure. It is important that the child go to the section with pleasure, and did not consider it a daily burden.

Making the decision in the choice, it is necessary to talk to the child. Find out what he wants. Perhaps he wants to share the sports case, which is already engaged in his friends. Or, on the contrary, he decided to test himself where no one had previously been. It would not be superfluous to tell your daughter or son about the sports in front of which you had a choice. For a clearer picture, it would be nice to watch a video in which not only competitions and game matches will be shown, but also the training process itself.

By introducing a child to physical activity, you get yourself an assistant in education. Sport is a direct partner for the parent, because he makes the child disciplined, responsible and tempered.

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