How to deal with a child in the summer: teacher advice


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Ahead of the summer holidays and parents worry that schoolchildren do not forget the whole program.

How to deal with the child, told teachers and school psychologists.

Some parents believe that the child should absolutely relax in the summer, and therefore give him complete freedom. Others, on the contrary, are closely monitoring the implementation of all tasks and tasks.

However, in this case it is not necessary to rush from one extreme to the other.

If a child has no problems with school, he does not need regular summer classes. You can only periodically repeat the basic rules or multiplication table for younger students.

It is enough for the horoshist to read books from the list of literature for the summer.

If your child is lagging behind in school, then extra classes in the summer are mandatory for him. But here it is important to observe some rules. First of all, find out exactly what gaps in the knowledge of the child. And also what led to these spaces.

Make a clear lesson plan. But not too tight, the child should be engaged with pleasure, or at least treat classes neutral. Heavy loads can lead to a total failure of studies. If you allow funds, hire a tutor. Praise the child for his efforts, encourage for success, and if difficulties arise – support.

School psychologists shared tips on how best to work with a child in summer:

Do not force the child to study a lot, after all, he studied all year and deserved rest.
Try to spend more time with your child. It is important to spend quality time, and not just be in the same apartment.
Give your child free time that he can take.
A short-term, but regular exercise will do more good than an absolute immersion in the subject for the whole day.

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