How to determine what the baby is crying: experts said


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Researchers from the College of New Jersey in America told how to understand why a baby is crying.

Academics have developed a special technology of AI, which can determine the needs of the child on his cry.

It is noted that during the study, 26 babies were involved with the consent of the parents.

As a result, not without the help of nurses, it turned out to establish several main cries that are associated with sleep, hunger, discomfort, the need for attention and changing the diaper.

AI works on a specific algorithm, which is based on speech recognition, and it has successfully passed all the tests.

During the last inspection, it was possible to establish 151 calls for attention, 137 for changing a diaper, 422 for hunger, 182 for discomfort, and 79 for sleep.

Now the program is awaiting the last check, and if all previous results are confirmed, then it is likely that the AI ​​will be released to the world market.

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