How to do homework without stress


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Parents of each schoolchild during their studies face the fact that not always homework is done smoothly.

Psychologists and educators gathered the following recommendations for parents:

1. Benefits. It is possible that the material seems to the child not entirely clear precisely because of the method of presentation: try to vary the forms of the textbooks.

2. Time. Perhaps the child is too busy attending all sorts of electives, circles and sections – often the children simply do not cope with the amount of information that they need to learn. Sometimes they just physically do not have enough time to do everything. Remember: the optimal time for homework is from 13:00 to 16:00.

3. Atmosphere. Children should have their own working space that will help them concentrate and where no one will distract them from the learning process.

4. Self-organization. Ensure that children approach homework responsibly. An important role is played here by the desktop: do not let the child move to a bed or a chair, as this will distract from study.

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