How to feed your child a healthy meal


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All parents want their child to eat right and get all the necessary nutrients.

But sometimes it can not be realized. In such cases, no food intake is complete without whims. As a rule, parents choose different tactics to eventually feed the child.

Scientists at the University of Michigan actively investigated this problem and eventually found out that if you force children to eat what they do not want, then in adulthood this will lead to big problems with nutrition.

Experts are convinced that this issue requires a more flexible approach.

Pediatricians have identified several basic tricks that will help parents feed the child.

1. Eat for the company

For children, the example of a peer can be more convincing than the example of parents. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, try to eat in the company of another child. For this role, perfect brother or sister, friend, acquaintance.

2. Combine the least favorite food with your beloved

This is an effective way to make your child eat more vegetables and other healthy foods.

3. Limit junk food

Avoid fast food and unhealthy foods: chips, salted nuts, gelatins, and so on. Of course, vegetables and meat will be difficult to compete with them.

Do not store sweets and chips at home.

4. Cook according to the child’s preferences.

Everyone has their own food preferences, so do not impose your tastes on the child, but prepare dishes as you like them.

5. Give the child a choice.

Over time, you can explore the taste of your child and offer him those dishes that he likes more.

Keep calm, be patient and you will definitely be able to teach your child how to eat.

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