How to find a balance between work and family, the opinion of a psychologist


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In the modern pace of life, working mothers are probably experiencing the greatest burden.

Women who work for their children have to sacrifice time spent with their children. Faced with such a dilemma, mothers usually choose either one or the other side, that is, either they stay at home and then spend 24/7 with children or work desperately, justifying themselves that they earn money for the bright present or future of their children.

Is there a middle ground in solving such a seemingly difficult dilemma? This question we asked to comment on a qualified psychologist.

Psychologists proved: that all the experiences of parents are passed on to their children. Therefore, if the mother always feels guilty before the child due to the lack of proper attention, the child will soon feel deprived. Agree that the situation resembles a vicious circle. In this case, it is important to understand that for a child, a sense of security is paramount, for him peace and love from parents is important.

How to act if you have a child and work.

Use to communicate with your child any opportunity: while you are driving to a kindergarten or school, dinner, half an hour before bedtime. In the morning you can make plans for the day together, in the evening you can do the cleaning together, cook dinner, you can chat before bedtime, read a book. Play with your baby, ask how his day was. The main thing that he felt from you sincere interest. Regarding the weekend, try to spend quality time with your child. It means not to watch TV together, but to play, go somewhere, bake cookies … Of course, this practice will also be good for you. Will help disconnect from current problems. You can be sure that one such day a week will be enough for a child to understand that you love him, besides, joint exits with parents are the brightest memories of children.

The main thing is to never allow yourself to doubt that you are a good mother!

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