How to find out the sex of a child before its conception: expert advice




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Researchers are convinced that the sex of the baby can really be known even before his conception.

In total, several methods were singled out: the first is the effect of paternal genes on the formation of the fetus. In other words, in good clinics, for big money, experts can calculate how the X and Y chromosomes will converge and who will be a boy or a girl.

The second method is the use of special tables, where the dates of conception and the sex of the baby are linked.

Also, the sex of the child can be recognized by pedigree, however, it is necessary to look through the man’s line.

For example, if a man has many brothers, then with great probability a son will be born, and vice versa.

Academics point out that in the same way you can calculate the nature of the child.

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