How to help a child with poisoning


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Summer is a long-awaited time. Vacation, endless walks with friends.

However, summer is also a time of burst food poisoning.

The reason is often dirty hands, unwashed vegetables and fruits, perishable foods. All this can lead to intestinal upset.

As a rule, children are at risk.

How to understand that the child is poisoned?

In most cases, symptoms appear 2 hours after the germs enter the body. However, in some cases, from the moment of poisoning and the manifestation of the first symptom may take several days.

The main symptoms of food poisoning:

loss of appetite, fatigue;
abdominal pain;
nausea and vomiting;

If you notice similar symptoms in a child, take him to a doctor or call a specialist home.

As long as the doctors go to you, you can independently provide first aid to the child and ease his position.

If you are sure that it is a spoiled product, you can induce vomiting. To do this, give the child a few glasses of water at room temperature. If it does not provoke vomiting, push the child to the root of the tongue.

It is very important to prevent dehydration.

When vomiting or diarrhea, it is important to constantly water the baby. The fluid will help flush toxins, as well as support the metabolism.

After the acute period of poisoning will pass, you need to follow a special diet for some time.

It will preferably cook steamed dishes. The best products are buckwheat or rice (without milk and sugar), steam vegetables, crackers.

Limit fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, sweets, buns, whole milk, and biscuits.

Prevention of poisoning.

To prevent food poisoning, strictly follow these rules:

keep your hands clean;
wash fruits and vegetables long and thoroughly;
Eat only freshly prepared food, not those that have been stored for more than 4 hours;
avoid cooking or confectionery;
products that seem suspicious to you (smell and taste), dispose immediately.

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