How to help your child choose a profession


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When a child finishes school, each parent has a question in his head: how to help him choose the right profession? This choice is the main thing in his life, because if everything goes well, and he goes to study in a profession that brings him pleasure and moral satisfaction, then he will be successful and happy in life.

However, many parents believe that only they can determine the future fate of their child, so they choose their profession on their own and force him to go to study. But, such an approach is fatal, so every parent should know how to help the child decide on a profession.

He must make the decision himself

A child is a separate person, so everyone has their own tastes, preferences and desires. Making him go to study economics when he loves math is a stupid decision. It is important to trust the child’s choice on their own, but only within the reasonable framework. For example, at school many still want to become actors or sound engineers. These professions are unlikely to be in demand. Therefore, if the child makes the wrong decision, it is important to carefully explain this to him.

It is necessary to determine in advance which professions are in demand.

On the network you can find dozens of ratings and collections of professions that will be in demand in the future. Focusing on them, you can make a complete list of interesting professions and show it to the child. In this case, the child will make his own decision, but only from the list that his parent has approved in advance, which is the main indicator.

Need to show the profession from the inside

When the choice is already obvious, why not show him what the profession really looks like? For example, the same actors learn new words for days, sleep little and are constantly in a state of stress.

Having shown the child the real state of affairs, he will understand that he will continue to live with this and will already behave more carefully during the choice. And most importantly – it will be possible to clearly demonstrate all the pros and cons of a particular profession.

It is worth considering studying in other cities or countries

As a rule, many parents are guided only by those educational institutions that are geographically located close to home.

However, this approach can be called disastrous. But the fact is that often educational institutions from other countries or cities offer excellent conditions for training, qualified teachers and a truly useful profession. Therefore, during the selection it is important to consider all existing options, only such an approach will help to prevent any serious mistakes.

What is important to remember

There are several recommendations that every parent should keep in mind:

1) Cannot be forced.

2) It is necessary to explain the features of each profession.

3) Only those professions that can really interest the child should be offered.

4) It is better to make a comparison between several professions.

5) If the child does not want to listen to his parents and chose a “bad” profession, it is important to carefully explain all the shortcomings.

And most importantly, you can’t be forced to study only for the sake of a diploma, if he has not yet developed a clear picture of which profession will bring pleasure.

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