How to improve the relationship with the child: the rule of three minutes


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There is a rule that many parents forget or simply do not know.

It is called the “first three minutes” rule. As soon as you begin to observe it, you will immediately notice how your relationship with the child changes.

The meaning of this rule is to always meet a child with such great joy, as if you have not seen each other for months. And it does not matter whether you returned from a store that you went to for 15 minutes, came home from work, or came back from a business trip.

As a rule, everything that the child wants to share, he tells in the first minutes of the meeting, and it is very important not to miss this time.

Parents who intuitively follow this rule are immediately obvious. Taking the child out of school, they always squat on their haunches to talk to the child at the level of his eyes, embrace at the meeting and say that they have been very bored all day.

Other parents act differently, they simply take the child and hurry home.

After returning from work, immediately pay all attention to the child. Talk to him and ask how his day was. And only then go to have dinner and do your work.

Believe that a few minutes of such a sincere conversation means a lot to a baby.

Time together

For parents and children, the expression “time together” has a different meaning. It is enough for adults that their child is just next to them when they do something at home. But for children, the concept of “time together” is when parents sit down beside them, remove their mobile phones and simply communicate with the child.

Unfortunately, modern life dictates its own conditions, and parents do not always have time for joint leisure. However, it must always be remembered that children grow very quickly. Therefore, do not waste time, but rather spend it with your child.

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