How to instill a love of reading in a child


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Many teachers can now hear that the children have stopped reading.

This useful hobby has been replaced by computer games, social networks and video hosting sites. But it is reading that allows the child to understand the world more deeply, to learn thinking, analysis and empathy. One can talk endlessly about the advantages of books: every reasonable person knows about them.

What do you need to do so that children again fall in love with literature? Psychologists and educators gathered a number of recommendations:

1. Teach from childhood. If a child from childhood will be surrounded by reading fairy tales and stories that have been correctly chosen according to his age and interests, then over time he will want to read on his own. Do not be lazy about spending time like this: there will be only one use of joint reading.

2. Help choose. You can consult with experts and find really worthwhile literature that will interest the child. You can always start with the classic options – the folk tales of the world. They are interesting, informative and position the right values, which from childhood will be instilled in the child.

3. Do not be afraid to repeat. Remember how sometimes they themselves return to their favorite works and each time discover new faces in them. So are children: from the second and third times the main message of the work and the motivation of the heroes will become more obvious to them.

4. Learn poems. There are many children’s authors with beautiful poems that help the child develop better memory functions.

5. Use a competent argument. Eliminate the following arguments:

– everyone likes the book;

– recommended by your teacher;

– you asked her to read without fail;

– product praised saleswoman in the book (librarian);

– but Vasya has already read it.

Options for the wrong argument a lot. Adopt existing techniques:

– the work is dear to me personally and I will be grateful if you share it with me;

– this book is a favorite of your favorite character (actor, singer);

– the book has everything that you love so much.

Remember: the fact that children do not read, only our fault, because the parents and teachers can no longer or do not want to interest the child.

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