How to make the child listen: advice from professionals


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In the life of even the most responsible parents in the world, a moment may come when children no longer obey and react as they should.

To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to adopt practical advice from professional child psychologists and teachers:

1. Talk to him at his level: squat on his heels or next to him.

2. Do not interrupt the child, let him speak.

3. Call it solely by name.

4. Do not say the phrase in the imperative mood, maximum – voice the request.

5. Speak as simply and clearly as possible to avoid a situation of misunderstanding.

6. Do not hide your feelings, but express them in the correct form.

7. If your child is a little closed, then do not ask questions in a specific open form, choose more general formulations.

8. To start a productive dialogue with a hyperactive child, it is worthwhile to make sure that he is calm and able to accept new information.

9. Young children should be reminded more often, since their memory is not very developed yet.

10. If you are too busy and work a lot, leave stickers reminders of what your child needs to do.

11. In the event of hysteria in a child, the parent must remain as calm as possible.

12. It is better to give orders to small children in a playful way, and the tasks themselves can be rhymed.

13. Be in your claims are not categorical, but diplomatic.

14. Do not demand from children something that does not correspond to their level of development.

15. Try to never raise your voice to the child. When you want to attract him to something, do not call him with a loud voice from another part of the house: go to him, discuss what he is doing, and then tell me what you need from him.

16. For very young children it will be relevant to ask to repeat the request, since it is not always the child who can understand and remember the assignment the first time.

17. Try to speak so that your speech consists of simple sentences.

18. Avoid abstractions in dialogue with the child: your words and requests should be as specific as possible.

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